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European Theatre Festival Eurothalia

September 24, 2023, 5 p.m.-5:45 p.m., CHANGED LOCATION: in the Union Square (instead of Liberty Square) - FREE ACCESS


by: Paris Bénarès (FR)

Direction: Patrice Verquère

Production: Paris Bénarès (FR)

What does «tame» mean? It’s a thing too often forgotten.

It stands for «Create Links»… Create Links? Like the Little Prince and the fox, face to face a dancer and Horse, a three meters high puppet, try to tame each other. But building connections takes time and patience.

The meeting begins, they look for each other, turn around, observe each other, frighten each other, get closer, coax each other, sketch a few dance steps, flee each other to better find each other… Will they manage to become accomplices?

«Horse» is an encounter between human and object, grace and mechanics.


With: Céline Rouleaud, Patrice Verquère, Anthony Busson, Franck Gratté, Quentin Guérin, Gaëtan Grimaud

Dramaturgy: Tayeb Hassini

Sets: Paris Bénarès

Costumes: Paris Bénarès

Music: Franck Gratté, Quentin Guérin

Choreography: Céline Rouleaud


Language: Nonverbal performance

For all age categories