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European Theatre Festival Eurothalia

September 21, 2023, 6 p.m.-7:10 p.m., Citadel Synagogue (Str. Mărășești, nr. 6)

SIDY THAL a schtikl

by Thomas Perle

Stage reading

Language: German (with translation in Romanian and English). 

For all age categories. 


With: Radu Brănici, Bülent Özdil, Daniela Török, Oana Vidoni

During a performance of the Jewish actress and singer Sidy Thal from Czernowitz - actually Sorel Birkenthal - in the Timisoara "Community Theatre", two hand grenades exploded in the hall in November 1938. The attack, perpetrated by supporters of the extreme right-wing nationalist movement of the Legionaries, killed four people and injured seventy others. 


The young Romanian-born author Thomas Perle, was commissioned by the German State Theatre Timisoara to use the antisemitic attack as the starting point for a documentary theatre play. Sidy Thal will be premiered in cooperation with the Jewish State Theatre Bucharest, directed by Clemens Bechtel, at the beginning of November. 


SIDY THAL - a schtikl is a fragment from it, with which Perle bids farewell as the writer-in-residence of the European Capital of Culture Timisoara.  


The event is organised in cooperation with the German Cultural Forum Eastern Europe, the Moses Mendelssohn Foundation Berlin, the Jewish Community of Timisoara, the German Consulate Timisoara, the Democratic Forum of Germans in Banat and the Project Centre of the City of Timisoara.