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European Theatre Festival Eurothalia

September 25, 2023, 7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m., in the German State Theatre Hall


by: Pascal Rambert

Direction: Pascal Rambert

Production: Teatrul German de Stat Timișoara (RO)

Co-production: Structure Production, Institut français de Roumanie à Timișoara

Attention: Stroboscopic effects are used in this performance.

”I wrote The Theatre for the entire ensemble of the German State Theatre Timisoara. [...] While listening to the life stories of 26 actresses and actors, I quickly had the desire to write for all of them: at the end of the rehearsal of a play, the company prepares for the birthday party of one of the actresses. This is an opportunity for this small community to cross-reference personal and collective histories. To see how time has passed. And what it has done to people.” Pascal Rambert


With: Yannick Becker, Isa Berger, Enikö Blénessy, Robert Bogdanov-Schein, Dana Borteanu, Radu Brănici, Isolde Cobeț, Alma Diaconu, Boris Gaza, Daniel Ghidel, Richard Hladik, Rareș Hontzu, Ioana Iacob, Marc Illich, Ida Jarcsek-Gaza, Franz Kattesch, Alexandru Mihăescu, Aida Olaru, Bülent Özdil, Tatiana Sessler-Toami, Daniela Török, Olga Török, Silvia Török, Oana Vidoni, Simona Vintilă, Harald Weisz, Raluca Amariei-Bozga, Ana Micotă

Dramaturgy: Rudolf Herbert

Sets and costumes: Pascal Rambert

Light Design: Pascal Rambert

Stage speech: Ulrike Schulze

Project Assistance: Anabella Costache

Make-up: Bojita Ilich

Technical Direction:  Ovidiu Radu

Assistant director: Ovidiu Radu

Copyright Image © Ovidiu Zimcea


Language: German

Surtitles: RO/ EN

Age restriction: 14+

Attention: Stroboscopic effects are used in this performance.